My friends call me 'Bird'

I'm an animator and creator

I work with videographers, illustrators, photographers, and producers to create video content.


Creating videos from start to finish (or any portion therein)

  • Concept

    Let me come up with a creative and engaging way to get your message out there.
  • Pre-Production

    Scriptwriting and storyboarding can help guide us all in the same direction. Here we find the right crew to work with (videographers, illustrators, photographers, audio techs, actors, etc.)
  • Production

    Animate, shoot, draw, snap, record, edit. On location or in studio.
  • Post-Production

    Client edits, audio mastering, smoothing & polishing.
  • Delivery

    Web, TV, social media, billboards, the correct file type will be delivered for wherever it's going.

Recent work




My dad

What is your actual job? Someone asked the other day but I didn't know what to say.


Kelly Diamond, common-law partner

You mumble too much. I can never hear what you're saying.


CRA Scam Artist

Please call us back with your banking information, Mr. Bird, or else you will go to jail.


Nonna Loreto

wOw!! GREAT work! Thank you for SHARING. R u coming for Christmas. If YES let me know what groceries to buy. LOTSA Luv XOXOX.

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